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Know the most reliable and easy way to take advantage of earning extra money while doing your daily activities on the computer, and best of all, in dollars!

We refer to Snuckls and Baymack, two companies that pay you to simply watch some videos a day. The mechanics are very simple, you see a portion of a video (between 60 – 80 seconds) and then indicate the category of the same and you go to see another video. When you see 5 videos you get a ticket to participate in the draw of the day.

  • In Snuckls you select the five numbers with which you will participate. These five numbers make up a ticket. You win when you hit 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers regardless of position. The more successes, the greater the amount you earn. Normally you win several times a week
  • Instead in Baymack, when completing the visualization of the 5 videos the system will assign you a virtual ticket. With this ticket you participate in the draw where there are 3 pre-allocated amounts, of which there will always be a winner of the jackpot, several winners of the intermediate prize and many winners of the minimum prize. In this system you win almost every day of the week.

In both Snuckls and Baymack you can get your money in Paypal, Amazon and other systems. Do not worry if you do not have any of these accounts yet. Your money is secure and you can get it later. It is not a limitation for not participating.

Sign up here:

Sign up for Baymack with your Facebook
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It is mandatory to have a Facebook account to use these systems. We are at your disposal if you need to clarify any doubts

dinero-manos-trabajo-work-money-hands-easyIn addition there are other options with which you can try your luck. And we will never know if we can win if we do not try. Here I offer you my best recommendations:



Do you have enough time? Do you want to earn lots of money on Internet?

It is the turn of Clixsense and Neobux. Two companies that pay for clicks, surveys, mini-jobs, and lucky hits!

Both are very similar, I would say the biggest difference is that Neobux is in many languages, but Clixsense is only in English.

Earn money with Neobux online from your home or office while browsing
Click to start on Neobux

When I talk about lucky hits, I mean draws of up to $ 10 in Clixsense and up to $ 50 in Neobux. But suppose you do not get either of them in a month. So how much can be won?

They pay you and charge you for doing mini tasks, surveys, clicks, see ads
Click to enter Clixsense

Well, at least you would earn one dollar (1 $) a month. Yes, monthly. It sounds like little, but I’m talking about the least. And remember, this is without “lucky hits”. Then, when starting to do tasks or mini-tasks you can increase your income to about $ 5 monthly, and after, with a good track record in this subject, you would be reaching a marvelous $ 9 – $ 10 a month.

These two companies are highly recognized, have a long history and a very good reputation. It is used by people all over the world. I recommend that you sign up below and start earning money. If you have any questions, I am at your service. Or you can search the Internet where you will get many tutorials. Sign up now!
hacer dinero trabajo freelance ingreso adicional gift hunter club

Gana dinero con tu sitio webBut that’s not all, if you have a website, we recommend Infolinks, pay for ads, but you must have a very good number of visits. The profits increase very slowly, so you must also have a lot of patience and perseverance. For best results you can combine it with other systems like Google Adsense.

Consigue tu tarjeta de crédito en dolares y gana 25$



If you are on another level, you travel constantly and you do not have restrictions to use dollars (does not work for Venezuela), I recommend having a Payoneer credit card. You can use it as an ordinary card, and you earn $ 25 automatically by recharging your first $ 100. Very interesting!


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